A Framework For Learning

The MZS Learning Framework provides a school-wide model for curriculum design.  We design and co-create engaging learning that is connected, rigorous and relevant. The Framework is built on three principles: Concepts, Competencies and Character.  Aligned with the Elementary PYP program, the Learning Framework is drawn from The Common Ground Collaborative – An International curriculum collective


CONCEPTUAL learning that is learned through inquiry. Concepts drawn from our learning standards.

COMPETENCY learning that is learned through formative and metacognitive processes toward mastery. Competencies expressed as School-Wide Learner Outcomes  

CHARACTER learning that is acquired and demonstrated through action, empathy and reflection. Characteristics and values are embedded in the IB Learner Profile and MZS Core Values.

Primary Years Program

PYP addresses students’ academic needs and their social and emotional well-being encourages students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their own learning supports students’ effort to gain understanding of the world and to function effectively within it helps students to establish personal values as a foundation on which international-mindedness will flourish….

Early Years

The Early Years Program nurtures and develops creativity, individuality, and a passion for learning. The program focuses on three fundamental domains: Physical, Social and Emotional, and Cognitive. Students explore their interests as they develop approaches to learning and connect with key domains of their development through well designed experiences during extended periods of play.


The Elementary Program at MZS recognizes the vital importance of building a strong foundation of learning. Conceptual learning is explored through transdisciplinary inquiry. Math and Language Arts build progressive skills, knowledge, and understanding. Authentic connections are made across subjects as students develop school-wide learning outcomes (approaches-to-learning). We place importance on personalizing learning for students within the broad holistic framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB), Primary Years Program. This framework promotes the IB Learner Profile, builds student agency, and develops international mindedness.

Middle School

The Middle School Program is an exciting period of transition for students. A time when students build upon their strengths and continue to define their identity. They expand their capacities to learn, inquire, and engage in substantive dialogue around significant and life worthy matters. The Middle School Curriculum emphasizes personalization of learning where students are challenged, supported, and inspired.