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Our Vision

Our Vision

An innovative school and community that exhibits continuous growth in response to current and future developments in education.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Ensure an environment of critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity that empowers all students to achieve their potential as lifelong learners in a global society.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Reflective, Open-Minded, Caring,
Risk Taker


Mt. Zaagkam is a remote intercultural school educating children of the employees of Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold, Indonesia. We have 2 sites: Kuala Kencana in the lowland jungles and Tembagapura in the highland mountains and cloud forest.

We believe in providing a broad based education founded on the tenets of inquiry and international mindedness. We see students as individuals defined by their talents and aspirations. We define learning as conceptual, strengthened by universal competencies and fundamental human values. We embrace our small community and celebrate our diversity.

Our story is one of shared leadership to a vision of learning which is personalized and enriched by the unique environment of Papua, Indonesia.


MZS provides a Pre-K – Grade 8 program.  We offer a strong academic focus aligned with US, UK and Australian academic standards.  We offer the IB – Primary Years Program [PYP] in the Elementary and an inquiry focused program in the Middle School. All students study Indonesian Language and Culture and engage in a rich Creative Arts program. MZS has a commitment to technology integration and we support a 1:1 program with laptops and iPads. STEAM, robotics, yoga and spanish are offered as part of the extra-curricular program.

Our programs are internationally accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), and the IB-PYP.


Small in number and big in character, our students come from over 12 countries. Our small school of less than one hundred is diverse, talented and united by core values.  Tembagapura has a student population of 70 students. Kuala Kencana has a student population of 20 students.


Our faculty is composed of experienced and qualified international educators. The faculty are committed to contemporary learning. Our shared leadership model promotes a strong collaborative culture and community.


We are committed to a student-centered program that is inquiry-based, concept-driven, constructivist (building on what students already know), and dedicated to personalization. We believe that personalization allows each student to be included, appropriately challenged and engaged in learning.

Our School-wide Learner Outcomes are a commitment to develop students as: Thinkers, Communicators, Social Agents, Self-Managers and Researchers.


High mountains, tropical rainforests, a world-class gold and copper mine, technical scientists and a colorful, rich host country community means opportunity.

At MZS we embrace these opportunities through service learning programs, engagement with the Kamoro Culture, and involvement in Indonesian national days. Our inquiries are enriched with the technical expertise of geologists, medical practitioners working in community and public health and community guests. Our Service Projects see students as social agents directly engaged with Tujuh Suku – Seven Tribes, the Timika Community through English Language Radio broadcasts or the broader community by the making of Nokens [traditional bags] to reduce plastic consumption.

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If you would like to know more about our unique school, would like to enroll your child as a student, or would like to apply for a teaching position, please reach us through the ‘contact us’ tab.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Terima kasih,

Mark Jenkins,

MZS Board

James Crawford,

Tembagapura Principal

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Mark Jenkins

MZS Board

Home Country: Australia

Degree: BA [Hons]., Dip. Ed.. Grad. Dip. Outdoor Ed., Master Env. Sci.  
International Certificate School Leadership

Experience: 25 years. Australia, Indonesia

Statement: A ‘learning focused’ leader energized by possibilities and compelling ideas. An Aquarian with a passion for water adventures, travel, fine fare and ‘chillhouse’ music [preferably on the beach!]

  • Mr James Crawford

James Crawford

Head of Campus,

Home country:

Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Students – California State University

18 years – USA; United Arab Emirates; Qatar, Democratic Republic Congo, Indonesia

 I have three children, a commercial pilot’s license, scuba diver, lover of live music though I have zero musical talent – I have been with FCX going on 10 years.

Raquel Acedo Rubio

MZS Curriculum Coordinator

Home country: Spain

Degree: BA Education (Primary), Dip. Early Years Ed.

Experience: 13 years – Spain, UK, Singapore, Indonesia.

Statement: An enthusiastic teacher and curriculum leader passionate about innovative education. Enjoys contemporary art, literature and independent cinema. Love spending time with family and friends, as well as travelling and new experiences.

Our Faculty - Tembagapura Campus

Our Faculty - Kuala Kencana Campus

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MZS Kuala Kencana Lowlands Campus

Kuala Kencana (Lowlands)

Kuala Kencana – Timika
West Papua – Indonesia 99968
School +62 901 546-4853

MZS Tembagapura Highlands Campus

Tembagapura (Highlands)

Tembagapura Raya Street No. 605
PO Box 14. Tembagapura
West Papua, Indonesia 99967
School +62 901 468 767