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Mt. Zaagkam school enrolls and supports school age children of the employees of Freeport McMoRan Indonesia.  We have 2 sites; Kuala Kencana is a small village located in the lowlands (jungle) near Timika, and currently has 24 students and 10 teachers. Tembagapura is in the highlands (mountains and clouds) and currently has 67 students and 16 teachers.

The school offers a program for Kindergarten through grade 8, and a PK program when faculty and facilities allow. Our accreditations are through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges), and the IBO-PYP.


We offer a strong academic program that is aligned with US, UK and Australian standards and benchmarks.  For such a small school, we offer a wide variety of unique sporting, musical and art opportunities. Students all take Bahasa Indonesia language and have the opportunity for Spanish. MZS has a commitment to ICT and we are 1:1 with laptops from grades 2-8, and are working toward a 1:1 iPad program.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is composed of experienced and qualified international educators. Longevity averages 4-5 years. Our leadership team has been in place for 4 years. This has resulted in a stable school environment with steady progress.

Ongoing commitments

We are committed to the best practices of; a child-centered program that is inquiry-based, concept-driven, constructivist (building on what students already know), and dedicated to differentiation, pre-assessments and reflection, collaboration, international-mindedness, and empowering students to take responsible action.

Group Shot at Banti Village

Utilizing our Unique Environment

At MZS, we have a commitment to community involvement and to utilize the expertise and unique opportunities on our FMI site and local villages. Every year we host Kamoro Culture Weeks where students learn carving, dancing, drumming, weaving, etc., we celebrate national holidays such as Independence Day and Kartini Day, visit local villages or schools, engage in classroom visits or join after-school activities with the national school, produce national radio shows which feed far out into remote villages, offer students study trips in and outside of Papua, support local needs through schoolwide projects, and learn the art of bushcraft (jungle survival).  Within our sponsoring company, we work collaboratively with our safety, security, and fire departments, go on mine-related tours, benefit from the expertise of geologists, medical personnel, environmental specialists, and much more!

If you would like to know more about our unique school, would like to enroll your child as a student, or would like to apply for a teaching position, please reach us through the ‘contact us’ tab.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Terima kasih,

Tamara Shreve,

Kuala Kencana Principal

James Crawford,

Tembagapura Principal

School Information

MZS Kuala Kencana Lowlands Campus

Kuala Kencana (Lowlands)

Jl. Irian Jaya Barat No. 5
Kuala Kencana – Timika
West Papua – Indonesia 99968
School +62 901 546-4853

MZS Tembagapura Highlands Campus

Tembagapura (Highlands)

Tembagapura Raya Street No. 605
PO Box 14
West Papua, Indonesia 99967
School +62 901 468 767

School Leadership

Tamara Shreve (Tammi)

KK Principal

Home country: USA

Experience: 30+ years; US, Singapore, Taiwan, Romania, Libya, Indonesia

Tagline: Traveler (67 countries), reader, cooking,  appreciator of cultures

James Crawford

TPRA Principal

Home country: USA

Degree: Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy Students – California State University

Experience: 18 years – USA; United Arab Emirates; Qatar, Democratic Republic Congo, Indonesia

Tagline: I have three children, a commercial pilot’s license, scuba diver, lover of live music though I have zero musical talent – I have been with FCX going on 10 years.

School Faculty - Tembagapura Campus

School Faculty - Kuala Kencana Campus



Whole School Drone Photo September 2017

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