Kuala Kencana (Lowlands) Tembagapura MZS (Highlands) Mt. Zaagkam School A unique and remote intercultural school in West Papua, Indonesia

Distance Learning

The MZS Vision is to be: An Innovative school and community that exhibits continuous growth in response to current and future developments in education.

Based on the Vision, MZS is committed to providing learning that will ensure students are engaged, challenged and included. Whatever the modality of learning – ‘Face-to-Face’, Blended-Hybrid, or Distance Learning, MZS will adhere to this vision of learning.

The Handbook outlines fundamental principles for the implementation of a Distance Learning Program where the school has transitioned to online learning because of safety and/or security reasons.

We Are A Green School!

Modeling our SLOs, we are committed to lessen our environmental footprint. Therefore, all information about teaching & learning at MZS is being published electronically via our school website and campus communication platforms.

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